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The mobile 'Bandita Cinema' shares with our young audiences the wonder of moving image through a series of hands-on demonstrations and conversations focusing on 8mm and 16mm film, slides, photographs and vintage visual ephemara.

The Banditas discuss the nature of 'seeing' and the mesmerising and mysterious memories captured within the archive film and photographic material. We offer the youngsters the opportunity to learn about the magical transformation undertaken by a filmstrip as it passes through a projector, creating a dizzying spectrum of motion and movement.


The young participants also turn their hands to curation: making a selection of visual material drawn from the Bandita archive and creating their own soundtracks to weave together with the films.

This entertaining and relaxed workshops offers a unique opportunity for young participants to playfully explore scarce vintage film technology and to create their own imaginative stories and narratives with found film and sound!

Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, 2012

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