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'Screen Bandita is the closest thing that we have to a time machine. By salvaging old reels of home movies, they take the spectator on a journey off the beaten track to a not-too-distant past of everyday events in all their glorious and at times puzzling eccentricity.
As you watch these images of ordinary life, you find yourself in a no man’s land somewhere between the past and the present, between spectator and the person behind the camera shooting the home movie. Screen Bandita brings back to life the world as seen through the eyes of long lost beholders.'' Maurice Caldera, fillmmaker, Reels From LIfe Two, 2013

'Screen Bandita was both an emotive and evocative display of beautiful lost film. It was a haunting and moving to see found footage presented that way - with the soundtrack of cherished classics clashing with heavy sounds, creating an immersive and invigorating experience for the viewer. For ASFF, it was lovely to see such old film screened within the festival’s ancient medieval halls and certainly takes you back to a time forgotten. This is something that should not be missed and I hope to welcome Screen Bandita back to ASFF in the future.'  Laura Barr, Aesthetica Film Festival, Reels from Life Two, 2013.

The forty five minute performance is over in a heartbeat, leaving us with a sense of longing for home, and a sense of already being there. As it ends by the initial invitation, to drift through “home videos,” it allows us to drift, to our own homes, or the homes and places we have loved in the past. Adrift is a truly wonderful performance, one that re-invigorates one’s perception of spoken word and its possibilities. Dale Neuringer, 'Adrift' review, The Skinny February 2014.

"The thing that's so great about Screen Bandita is that they don't tell you what to think, which means that you can make your own mind up about what they do. Their events (which are by turns mysterious, moving, interesting and funny) resurrect the past, celebrate the mundane, champion a dying format and sometimes just feel like a crazy art experiment- often during the same minute! Viva Screen Bandita!"  Audience member, Reels From Life Two, 2012.

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