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Screen Bandita's mobile archive is always on the move: keep your eyes peeled for this pop- up participatory phenomena!


Screen Bandita invite you to contribute to their participatory community gathering: a welcoming space in which to share, speak and see. Do you have any spools of 8mm film or old slides gathering dust in the attic? Bring them along and we’ll project them for you! And if you have any old photographs you’d like to share, come and display them in our pop-up gallery. The Banditas will also be bringing a plethora of treasures from their own archive for participants to enjoy: a rummage box of archival found photographs, a wealth of 8mm films, vintage viewing toys and two wind-up Russian gramophones.


All welcome! hosted as a drop-in session suitable for all ages.

Participants are directly involved in creating their own personal exhibition or memory installation, and as well as sharing their own histories and memories, the activity highlights the interconnected nature of all of our personal narratives and experiences.


A welcoming space in which to share, speak and see.

We are actively seeking opportunities to host this open archive session! Please get in touch if you would like us to bring our archive to your community group/ history group/ library/ archive.

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