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Bandita News

March 2017

10 +11.12.16. BERLIN & 03.03.17 ALCHEMY FESTIVAL, SCOTLAND.  

The conversation began in Glasgow, May 2015.

Film as a body

Film is memory

A mysterious, degraded film reel was unearthed. Inside the can we found half-legible written instructions. Interference and repetition. 

Distorted voices from.... where. The future?

We collaborate once more with electronic alchemist, Neil Simpson and percussion dynamo Shane Connolly, on a new analogue found and handmade film, sound and spoken word performance, that has travelled across the seas from Scotland to Australia and back again.


A work in progress created from the artists' correspondences, spanning the furthest reaches of the globe. We will welcome you to pull up a chair, have a drink with us and tell us how you engaged with this new piece of work, that continues to shift and evolve with each new space in which it is presented.

More performances coming soon!

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