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Bandita Australia is journeying north for the Rainbow 'Yarn Swap' on the 24th June, as part of the town's Oasis project. This two-year festival, funded by the Small Towns Transformations initiative, has brought artists and communities together through a carefully curated programme of events, driven by artists and communities alike. Leanora will be travelling up to this beautiful corner of north-west Victoria to deliver a variation on the Berlin 'Bring Your Own Archive' gathering that she facilitated with the Edinburgh Bureau in December 2016. 


The Oasis commission also includes two primary school workshops in collaboration with the Rainbow Archive. 'Archive Explorers' opens up the old masonic lodge, revealing it as a treasure trove of mysteries to be reimagined and reignited. Screen Bandita dust off the covers and guide pupils from Rainbow and Yaapeet primary schools through local yarns, weird objects and forgotten folk from the past, helping them to create new and surreal artworks of their own. 


Exciting plans are afoot at the Edinburgh bureau! We have been formulating a number of education projects with the Fruitmarket Gallery to tie-in with the upcoming exhibition of Bandita hero Tacita Dean. We'll be making a piece of expanded cinema with Fruitmarket's young artist group Fresh Fruit, as well as delivering a number of 16mm workshops in schools around Edinburgh. 

The roving Bandita cinema has also been out recently at Alchemy Film Festival, projecting the super- rare 16mm  print of Stan Brakhage's seminal Text of Light amid the atmospheric surroundings of Fatlips castle. See our gallery for images!


We're also in the process of setting up an experimental cinema club. More information coming soon on this exciting venture!


Lastly, Edinburgh International Film Festival is almost upon us! and we have co-curated a programme focusing on the work of experimental trailblazer Barbara Hammer. Great excitement around this programme, as Barbara's films are infrequently screened in the UK, and most of the work we are screening is from beautiful 16mm prints all the way from Academy Film Archives in LA!


Defiant Bodies: Celebrating Barbara Hammer. 28.06.18. Filmhouse Cinema, 20.50. More information here.


Over and out for now from the Banditas! See you in Edinburgh or in Rainbow soon!

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