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Photo: Jo Heaney


When watching my selected film Crofters of Wester Ross I was surprised by the editing which is rather choppy and frenetic, giving the film a hyperkinetic, modernistic quality quite at odds with the pace of life being portrayed.  My plan is to produce a slower and more meditative soundtrack to counter this.

I hope to pay a visit to the School of Scottish Studies sound archive and forage in the collection of Wester Ross lore to see if I can find anything interesting and relevant to the areas in the film.  In particular if there are any interviews with crofters Im thinking of incorporating such material into the soundtrack in some way.

The film was made in 1939.  The clearances were in the past, though not too distant a memory.  Loch Kishorn, one of the areas featured in the film, was transformed in the 70s by vast construction sites for the oil industry, but this too would fall into decline.  One can survey the moments in time captured on this film with a Janus face, looking to the past and the future and I hope to convey this in some way with my soundtrack.

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