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Screen Shot unframes.png

Image: Geoff Hocking archive

So... is our first theatre design commission, by Ridiculusmus Theatre who are, like us, international and itinerant artists.


For this commission we created, with our long-time sound collaborator Neil Simpson,  nuanced and evocative elements that delve into found sounds, 8mm films and vintage analogue technology. These compliment the themes in the piece and offer small contemplative pauses to reflect on the drama that is unfolding on stage.

Foraging Film is a 16mm cameraless work created by layering botanicals onto the emulsion, allowing the ghostly traces of leaves and petals to imprint themselves onto the filmstrip.


The 35mm slide interruptions draw upon found material from the Bandita collection, and our own family archives, with Simpson’s sound pieces as a counterpoint.


unframes underscores some of the themes and images brought to our minds in SO, to create a contemplative piece that weaves together archive film and photochemical photography. 

UK and Finland May 2022.

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