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at the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival

Screen Bandita and Ryan Van Winkle present an 8mm film, poetry and gramophone performance enacted live, especially created for the 'Black Box Live' event at The Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013.

Harnessing spoken word, found film and gramophone music these archival inquisitors will conjure a mesmerising and surreal piece of expanded cinema that unfolds themes of memory, place and experience.

Through the process of passing words and 8mm film back and forth, Van Winkle and Screen Bandita weave together a new creation, before your very eyes: 8mm film echoing the mental-images generated by the poetry, and words ricocheting off carefully selected reels drawn from the Screen Bandita archive.

The Banditas will be presenting a double 8mm projection, sending forth a myriad of flickering celluloid images that illuminate moments strange and beautiful, jarring and meditative, commonplace and spectacular.

Hopscotching amid numerous topographies and time- periods, characters and atmospheres, we witness glimmering, mercurial moments captured in celluloid, recovered and rejuvenated in this live setting by the Banditas, and imbued with shape, vitality and nuance through Van Winkle's words.

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