Bill 16mm hands still.png

        Lydia's recent work has taken the form of teaching, curation, writing, research and hands-on filmmaking projects. A recent residency at Cove Park offered the opportunity to begin the edit of a 16mm portrait work, as well as the time and space to walk, read and think! Collaborations continue with Alchemy Film and Arts Festival in various really exciting forms, and Lydia looks forward to presenting (and projecting) a specially curated 16mm programme at the upcoming festival in April.

        Leanora is celebrating 2022 as Dr Olmi after completing her PhD at the University of Melbourne. Her research explored the reimagining and repurposing of archive materials in Australian country towns; rituals and customs held within vernacular and archive imaging, and the new narratives they can engender.

A Bandita Bring Your Own Archive is scheduled for May, at Cementa Festival in New South Wales and Leanora's artwork Glory Box was recently exhibited in Castlemaine in Victoria